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Help Boosting DEATHMATCH 24/7

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Help our DEATHMATCH 24/7 server gain more players by boosting it.

How it works: our servers both support Steam and non-Steam player. These non-Steam players are using a "free" version of CS 1.6 without the need of having a Steam account. When a server got added to the boost list, it appears in the server browser list of these "free" CS 1.6 clients, resulting in a lot of players on the server.

What it costs: it depends on what type of boost you choose. You'll pay €1.20 for a temporary boost via PayPal. Some people call it a day boost, but it will last untill you got bumped out of the queue by new boosts. It can last anything between 1 to 24 hours.

Link to a frequently used reliable boost website is:

Click on PayPal and enter our DEATHMATCH 24/7 server IP:Port:

To save some money, you can (after registering on that website) also purchase GTC (Game Tracker Coins) with PayPal. Conversion rate is 10 GTC for €1.00, 100 GTC for €10 etc. One temporary boost is 10 GTC and that way boosting will only cost you €1.00. If you want to spend more money: sometimes (usually around 2 pm or 4 pm CET) there's also a week boost available after clicking on PayPal. This boost will cost €20.

Warning: please don't use other boosting websites. You get scammed in most cases because no one connects after paying.

Feel free to let us know in the comments if you have boosted the server. :)
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